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Every sport demands a high level of physical activity and can be rather strenuous on the body. Schools and athletic staff want to ensure that your child is healthy enough to not only participate but excel in the sport they love. Certain medical conditions, if gone undiagnosed or untreated can be dangerous and cause bodily harm to your child. No need to worry though! Bring your child over to Commonwealth Medical Center, and we will go through a quick, but thorough physical evaluation and ensure your child is healthy and ready to play!

Don’t worry about an appointment; everyone is welcome! Call or contact us online to speak with a representative about sports physicals and making sure you have the necessary documentation for their upcoming season!

Why Does My Child Need a Sports Physical?

Sports physicals may seem like one more thing to do during the back-to-school season. However, they are critical in guaranteeing the health and safety of your child before they start their athletic extracurriculars. Here are some things the physician will do:

  • Perform a general physical health check
  • Check that old injuries have healed properly prior to sports activity
  • Identify possible life-threatening conditions, which could prove dangerous if your child plays sports
  • Go over any limitations or restrictions for sports activity from existing conditions
  • Update medical records and remove limitations from previous injuries or conditions that are no longer a concern
  • Educate your child on the importance of proper nutrition and self-care as an athlete
  • All-in-all, determine overall health and make sure your child is safe to participate in sports activity

Despite all of this, sports physicals are actually a very quick visit. The physicians at Commonwealth Medical Center will have you in, checked out, and on your way with peace of mind. If one quick visit can help you protect your child and keep them living a healthy active lifestyle, it is well worth it.

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