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Asthma is never a condition to take lightly, in any situation. Treatment and care are imperative for the well-being of the patient. When you or a loved one has an asthma flare-up, make sure that you are monitoring the asthma carefully and controlling the condition’s symptoms. When you are in need of professional help, Commonwealth Medical Center is here for you. We will get your asthma flare-up under control and ensure you receive the best care possible.

Have you been experiencing uncontrolled asthma? Come by Commonwealth Medical Center in Arlington, and we will have you breathing easy!

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Easily Recognize Asthma Symptoms

When identifying the signs of asthma, be conscientious that asthma symptoms can mirror those of other illnesses like respiratory distress or allergic reactions. However, here are some common signs to look out for:

  • Excessive coughing—particularly at night
  • Shortness of breath when exercising
  • Fatigue or physical weakness
  • Shortness or loss of breath

Upon recognizing these symptoms, contact a medical professional as soon as possible. The experts at Commonwealth Medical Center are ready to find the perfect course of treatment for you. Breathe easy in our hands. We will take care of you.

Asthma Treatment Plans

Every case of asthma is unique. Therefore, a personalized Asthma Action Plan is implemented for each individual case. This ensures that you receive a treatment plan that is tailored to you and your needs.

Each plan is broken up into three zones. When asthma symptoms are at their most minimal, you are in what is considered the Green Zone. The Yellow Zone describes the moments when symptoms begin to surface and the Red Zone describes a full-force asthma attack. Specific medications and management techniques are designated for each stage in order to achieve control over the symptoms. Daily preventatives may be implemented depending on severity, such as an inhaler, nebulizer, or oral medications.

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Never Underestimate Asthma

Asthma is never a condition to be taken lightly and treatment should never be postponed. If you notice a limitation in your breath or observe a loved one wheezing or struggling to breathe, get seen by a medical professional as soon as possible. Quality medical care for your asthma treatment is available at Commonwealth Medical Center.

Identify an Asthma Emergency

In most circumstances, minor asthma symptoms can be treated at home or in an urgent care facility. If rescue inhalers or other Green or Yellow Zone medications are not providing relief, you must immediately go to the emergency room. If you or someone you love is having difficulty breathing or has stopped breathing, immediately call 911 and seek emergency attention. Do not wait or underestimate with asthma.

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